FSQuiz is a quiz platform that allows users to test/improve their knowledge and efficiency by answering simple and fun quiz questions as fast as possible for cash rewards.

It's a simple, pure strategic quiz platform, with no element of luck or hidden information. It is the only quiz platform in Nigeria where you can truly earn money by answering quiz questions at your convenience without competing with anyone.

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FSQuiz is meant to be a fun way of earning something on the side, but definitely not an investment or a trading platform. So, don’t abandon everything else to concentrate on this. Instead, see it as a way to bring in extra money while learning and having fun in the process.

FSQuiz is owned and operated by FAIRSIDE NETWORKS LIMITED.

The cash reward is Five Hundred Thousand Naira (₦500,000). Users that score 15/15 on will be rewarded with the sum of ₦500,000 instantly. However,

  • Users that score 14/15 on, will be rewarded with ₦50,000 instantly.
  • Users that score 13/15 on, will be rewarded with ₦5000 instantly.

The money earned will be automatically and immediately credited to your account (Wallet Balance), which can then be transferred to your bank account at any time, whenever you want. FSQuiz guarantees to pay out all withdrawal requests in a timely fashion.

*** You'll not be rewarded if you score less than thirteen (13) in the quiz, but the good part is that there is always an opportunity to try again.

Multiple-choice (objective) questions based on History, Science facts, and English Grammar. For example,

1. This medicine is ____________ from a tropical plant.
A. Derived
B. Deprived
C. Derisive
D. Delive

Answer is A

2. What is the fastest flowing river in the world?
A. The Everglades
B. Congo River
C. Amazon
D. River Nile

Answer is C

3. What is the longest bone in the human body?
A. Lower leg bone
B. Skull
C. Jawbone
D. Thigh bone

Answer is D

4. What attach our bones to muscles so that we can move around?
A. Tendons
B. Ligaments
C. Springs
D. Fibres

Answer is A

5. Who was the first democratically elected president in Nigeria?
A. Alhaji Shehu Shagari
B. Olusegun Obasanjo
C. Obafemi Awolowo
D. Muhammadu Buhari


6. In 1989, Fela Aníkúlápó Kuti and his band released the anti-apartheid album, titled ________
A. Beasts of No Nation
B. The '69 Los Angeles Sessions
C. Why Black Man Dey Suffer
D. Underground SystemCATEGORY: Entertainment


7. Nigeria is the most populous country in Africa, and the _________ most populous country in the world?
A. Sixth
B. Fourth
C. Fifth
D. Seventh


8. ______________ is the first woman to have been documented, to drive a car in Africa?
A. Funmilayo Ransome-Kuti
B. Christy Essien-Igbokwe
C. Hannah Idowu Awolowo
D. Tola Oyediran


The quiz is time-based. Each quiz attempt has a time limit of 2 minutes.
You can take the quiz as many times as you want and each time you get the questions correctly, your account will also be credited instantly.
Your results will be available to view on the website immediately after the submission is made. A copy of your quiz result will also be sent to your email right after submission.

To register on, go to the site menu bar and click "Register". Fill all the registration details carefully to create account.

Upon successful registration, fund your wallet with a minimum of ₦150 to take a quiz. Answer the quiz questions correctly and you will be rewarded instantly, every time you take a quiz. It's Just That Simple!

Every time you take a quiz, you will also be able to spin FSQuiz's Wheel of Fortune for free and you could win up to ₦50,000 per spin.

To withdraw your money from your wallet balance, go to the site menu bar, click on "My Wallet" and when the page has finished loading, click on the "Withdrawal" tab.

You need to setup your bank account details before you can withdraw money. To setup your bank account details, click on "Payment Setting" tab, select any of the available withdrawal methods, enter your details and click save.

Thereafter, click on "Withdraw Request", input the amount that you want to withdraw and click submit request. Your withdrawal request will be approved and your money will be sent to your bank account instantly under the name of FAIRSIDE NETWORKS LIMITED.

The minimum withdrawal amount is ₦1,000.

To fund your wallet, go to the site menu bar, click on "My Wallet".

Once the page has finished loading, click on "Wallet Top-Up" tab, enter the amount you want to add to your wallet and click the "Add" button.

Once you click on add button, you will be redirected to the payment page. Select your preferred payment method to top up your wallet. You can fund your wallet by using your bank card, USSD, bank transfer, account number, etc. It's just that simple.

The minimum deposit amount is ₦150.

To transfer funds from your wallet to another user's wallet, go to the site menu bar, click on "My Wallet".

Once the page has finished loading, click on "Wallet Transfer" tab, enter the recipient's email address, amount of money to be transferred and give your reason for the transfer.

Finally, click "Proceed to Transfer" button. The amount specified will be deducted from your wallet and the recipient's wallet will be credited instantly.

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