Earn handsomely by joining the free FSQuiz Referral Program. The Referral Program has been created to reward you, for doing what you would already do – recommending us to friends, family, fans and your websites/blogs visitors.

The FSQuiz referral program will reward you with Twenty Five Thousand Naira (₦25,000) every time you refer up to 50 New Users to FSQUIZ.COM.

How FSQuiz’s Referral Program Works.
  • Login to your FSQuiz account or register to create account.
  • Click on My Wallet, wait until the page has finished loading.
  • Click on the “Referrals” tab, copy your personalized referral URL.
  • Use your personalized referral URL to spread the word about FSQuiz on your social media platforms/Blogs and start earning money.
  • Use the “Referral” section to track your current and past referral progress while you promote and share your referral URL with your friends and fans. In the “Referral” section, you can: Check your referral history.
FSQuiz Referral Program Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions apply to your participation in the Referral Program offered by FSQuiz.

  • You should act in good faith to refer users in good standing.
  • You should not engage in any blackhat seo/spam link building techniques that might be unethical.
  • The Referred User must be an active user.

Reserved Right. FSQuiz reserves the right to cancel or suspend your account should it determine, in its sole discretion, that the administration, security, or fairness of the Program has been compromised in any way.

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